Monday, February 2, 2015

CBSE, Director (VOC.Edu. & EDUSAT) Visit

CBSE, Director(VOC.Edu.& EDUSAT)
Wednesday,20th November 2013

CBSE, Director (VOC.Edu. & EDUSAT) Visit

 Managing Director of Alliance Educare & Research Pvt Ltd
                                                    explaining  the hand-on-experience given to the trainees

Mr M.V.V.Prasada Rao Director (VOC.Edu & EDUSAT), CBSE visited Expert School (promoted by Alliance Educare & Research Pvt Ltd) on 20th Nov.2013.During the visit, the Director was given a presentation on how the vocational education is being implemented at schools by Expert School. The industry exposure given to students through Studio/Website facilities was also demonstrated.

The Director also had an interaction with the Trainees who were undergoing internship in the MYDAS Retail Store. After the interaction, the director appreciated stating that “The training under Vocational being imparted in Retail Shop is very interesting. There are enough opportunities for them students/people who desire in skill to get training”.

CBSE, Director (VOC.Edu.& EDUSAT) interacting with the
                                                         Trainee doing Retail Internship in MYDAS Store


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